Who am i?

A versatile and self-driven individual who is passionate about helping businesses grow. I possess strong work ethic, am committed to achieving excellence at any task in hand while maintaining a high level of service as an individual. I believe that Marketing and Sales is an engine, which I love enhancing with the power given by technology.

  • >11.000.000€ Revenue Created
  • >90 Happy Customers
  • >8 Years of Experience
8+ Years of Experience

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What I Do

Digital Marketing Strategy

I identify the key goals for business success and create the right path to achieve them. I conduct audience research, pick efficient marketing tactics and use the right marketing tools for ROI maximization.

Performance Marketing

The spray and pray period is over. I follow a complete data-driven marketing approach, focusing on all the famous AD platforms, marketplaces and SEO, targeting on ROI and brand awareness maximization.

Analytics & Reporting

Data always show the way to success. I collect all the necessary data from 3rd party platforms, combine them with 1st party data and present them in a user-friendly way in order to delive rinsights and optimize the marketing strategy.

Project Management

The implementation of a digital marketing strategy is crucial for its success. I identify the key obstacles, create the right schedule, allocate time and budget properly and lead the team to achieving the targeted business goals.

Revenue Optimization

As Alan Mitz states: “Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity and Cash is King”. I help you optimize your revenue mechanism by combining pricing strategy, demand generation and marketing strategies to achieve profit maximization.

Pre-Sales Strategy

A great marketing strategy in order to succeed in the b2b world needs an efficient pre-sales strategy. I work closely with sales teams, in order to construct the right messaging that focuses on the relief of personas pain points.