Boosting Physical Store Visits for Health & Pharma – Retail Company.

  • Customer Type B2C
  • Customer Sector Health & Pharma

About the Client:

Health & Pharma – Retail Company is a reputable brand in the health and pharma retail sector. With the increasing competition and the evolving digital landscape, there was a strategic need to drive more foot traffic to its physical stores and subsequently increase revenue.


  • Designing and executing a digital marketing strategy tailored for the health and pharma retail industry.
  • Leveraging Meta and Google Ads to drive physical store visits and increase in-store revenue.
  • Bridging the gap between online marketing efforts and offline store visits.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Led the creation and implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, focusing on driving foot traffic to physical stores.
  • Meta & Google Ads: Utilized Meta and Google Ads to target potential customers in the vicinity of the stores, encouraging them to visit and make purchases.
  • Online to Offline Strategy: Ensured that online marketing efforts translated into offline store visits and revenue growth.


Revenue Growth: Achieved an impressive 18% increase in Year-over-Year revenue from local campaigns, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Local Marketing for Tourism Business: Developed expertise in crafting and executing local marketing strategies tailored for businesses that rely heavily on tourism and local foot traffic.
  • Online to Offline Marketing Strategy: Acquired proficiency in strategies that bridge the gap between online marketing efforts and offline store visits, ensuring seamless customer journeys.


The collaboration between my team in Gravity Labs and Health & Pharma – Retail Company showcased the power of effective local digital marketing. The strategies implemented, from Meta and Google Ads campaigns to online-to-offline initiatives, not only drove more foot traffic to the physical stores but also resulted in a significant boost in revenue.

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