Digital B2B Outreach for FMCG – Cosmetics Company

  • Customer Type B2B
  • Customer Sector FMCG Cosmetics

About the client:

FMCG – Cosmetics Company is a leading brand in the cosmetics industry, known for its quality products and innovation. As the company sought to expand its B2B partnerships, there was a clear need for a targeted digital outreach strategy to identify and engage potential partners.


  • Designing and executing a digital B2B outreach campaign to find new partners for the cosmetics company.
  • Utilizing Meta Ads and Google Ads effectively to reach potential B2B partners.
  • Ensuring a high conversion rate from inquiries to closed partnerships.


  • Digital B2B Outreach: Led the initiative to create and implement a comprehensive B2B outreach strategy using Meta Ads and Google Ads.
  • Advanced Segmentation & Targeting: Ensured that the ads reached the right audience by employing advanced segmentation and targeting techniques.
  • Engagement & Conversion: Designed campaigns to not only generate interest but also facilitate the conversion of inquiries into solid partnerships.


  • High Engagement: Successfully collected more than 100 inquiries in just 30 days with a budget of approximately 1k.
  • Impressive Conversion: Out of the inquiries, 10 resulted in closed partnerships, each with a Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) exceeding 15K.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Expanding the B2B Partners for Wholesale Suppliers: Developed expertise in strategies and techniques to expand B2B partnerships for wholesale suppliers.
  • Identifying the Right Customer: Acquired skills in pinpointing and engaging the right B2B partners for the cosmetics company.
  • Advanced Segmentation & Targeting: Enhanced proficiency in segmenting and targeting potential partners, ensuring maximum engagement and conversion.


The collaboration between my team n Gravity Labs and FMCG – Cosmetics Company showcased the power of targeted digital outreach in the B2B space. The strategies implemented not only generated a high level of interest but also resulted in valuable partnerships, setting a new benchmark in the cosmetics industry.

Note: All Customers names are available upon request.