Digital Launchpad for Tech – Products & Services Company

  • Customer Type B2B
  • Customer Sector Software Products

About the client:

Tech – Products & Services Company is an innovative newcomer in the tech industry, offering state-of-the-art solutions. As a newly founded company, there was a pressing need to establish a robust digital presence and effectively introduce the company and its solutions to the market.


  • Designing and launching a website that effectively presents the new company and its range of solutions.
  • Positioning the company’s solutions in a competitive market.
  • Implementing lead generation strategies using Meta Ads and email marketing to drive interest and demos.


  • Website Creation: Led the initiative to develop a new website, ensuring it effectively showcased the company’s ethos, solutions, and value proposition.
  • Solutions Positioning: Played a pivotal role in positioning the company’s solutions in the market, ensuring they resonated with the target audience.
  • Lead Generation: Assisted in crafting and executing lead generation campaigns using Meta Ads and email marketing, driving interest and facilitating lead nurturing.


Impressive Lead Generation: The lead generation and nurturing campaigns successfully resulted in more than 50 demo presentations in less than 2 months, each with an Annual Contract Value (ACV) exceeding 5K.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Leadgen for SaaS Tech Products & Services: Developed expertise in crafting and executing lead generation strategies tailored for SaaS tech products and services.
  • Marketing & Sales Ops for SaaS: Acquired proficiency in operations that bridge the gap between marketing and sales in the SaaS domain, ensuring seamless lead transition and conversion.
  • SaaS Marketing Strategy Creation: Enhanced skills in creating comprehensive marketing strategies tailored for SaaS companies, driving engagement and conversions.


The collaboration between my team in Gravity Labs and Tech – Products & Services Company set the foundation for the company’s digital journey. The strategies implemented, from website creation to lead generation campaigns, not only established the brand’s digital presence but also drove significant interest, leading to numerous demo presentations and potential partnerships.

Note: All Customers names are available upon request.