Digital Renaissance for FMCG – Alcohol & Wines Company 

  • Customer Type B2C/B2B
  • Customer Sector Alcohol & Wines

About the client:

FMCG – Alcohol & Wines Company is a distinguished brand in the alcohol and wines sector. With the evolving digital landscape and the increasing importance of ecommerce, there was a strategic need to revamp its digital presence and cater to the diverse needs of its business units.


  • Crafting and executing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored for the company.
  • Assisting in the creation of a new eshop to enhance online sales and customer experience.
  • Designing sub marketing plans for each business unit (B2B, Services, Retail) to address their unique requirements.


  • Digital Marketing Strategy: Led the creation and implementation of a holistic digital marketing strategy tailored for the alcohol and wines sector.
  • Eshop Creation: Played a pivotal role in assisting with the development of a new eshop, ensuring it effectively showcased the company’s product range and facilitated seamless online purchases.
  • Tailored Marketing Plans: Designed specific marketing plans for each business unit, ensuring that the unique needs of B2B, Services, and Retail were adequately addressed.


Revenue & Margin Growth: Achieved a significant Year-over-Year revenue increase of 17%, surpassing the 2kk mark, and boosted the Gross Margin by 29%.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Spirit & Wine Sector Marketing Strategy: Developed expertise in crafting and executing marketing strategies tailored for the spirit and wine sector.
  • Customer Retention: Enhanced skills in strategies and techniques to retain customers, ensuring repeat purchases and brand loyalty.
  • Meta & Google Ads for Maximizing ROAS: Acquired proficiency in leveraging Meta and Google Ads to maximize Return on Ad Spend, especially crucial due to the industry’s low margins.


The collaboration between my team and this Alcohol & Wines Company marked a transformative phase in the company’s digital journey. The strategies implemented, from the creation of a new eshop to tailored marketing plans for each business unit, not only enhanced the brand’s digital presence but also drove significant growth in revenue and margins.

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