Digital Transformation for Tech Company ‘s Product Targeting the Dairy Industry

  • Customer Type B2B
  • Customer Sector Software Products

About the client:

This Tech Company  is a leading innovator in the tech industry, offering a myriad of products and services. Recognizing the potential in the dairy industry, the company developed a specific product tailored to this sector. However, the challenge lay in effectively showcasing and marketing this product to the target audience.


  • Designing a user-friendly, informative website specifically for the product targeting the dairy industry.
  • Positioning the product effectively in a niche market.
  • Engaging with potential big-ticket clients to close significant deals.


  • Website Creation: Led the initiative to create a new website dedicated to the dairy-targeted product, ensuring it effectively conveyed the product’s value proposition.
  • Product Branding & Positioning: Played a pivotal role in defining the product’s brand identity and positioning it effectively in the dairy industry market.
  • Account-Based Omnichannel Marketing: Implemented a strategic marketing approach targeting specific high-value accounts across multiple channels.


Significant Deal Closures: Successfully closed >4 big deals, each with an Annual Contract Value (ACV) exceeding 15K, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategies implemented.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Product Branding & Positioning: Developed expertise in crafting a distinct brand identity for a product and positioning it effectively in a niche market.
  • Personas Creation: Acquired skills in creating detailed customer personas, ensuring marketing and product strategies resonated with the target audience.
  • Account Based Omnichannel Marketing: Enhanced proficiency in targeting specific high-value accounts across multiple channels, driving engagement and conversions.


The collaboration between my team and Tech Company resulted in a transformative digital presence for the dairy-targeted product. The strategies implemented, from website creation to account-based marketing, not only showcased the product’s value but also led to significant deal closures, solidifying the product’s position in the dairy industry.

Note: All Customers names are available upon request.