Driving Bookings & Revenue for Car Rental Company in the Hospitality Industry

  • Customer Type B2C
  • Customer Sector Car Rental

About the client:

This company is a leading tech company that offers a diverse range of products and services to its clientele. With the ever-evolving digital landscape, the company recognized the need to revamp its online presence to better showcase its offerings and cater to its target audience.


  • Enhancing the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns on platforms like Google and Meta to drive more bookings.
  • Establishing a successful referral mechanism with hotels, especially in the Chalkidiki region, to tap into a larger customer base.
  • Ensuring seamless customer handling to enhance the overall user experience and drive repeat bookings.


  • PPC Campaigns Optimization: Took charge of improving the PPC campaigns on Google and Meta, ensuring higher visibility and better conversion rates.
  • Referral Mechanism with Hotels: Created and maintained a robust referral mechanism with prominent hotels in Chalkidiki, driving a significant number of bookings through these partnerships.
  • Enhanced Customer Handling: Implemented strategies to ensure customers had a seamless booking experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


  • Revenue Boost: Achieved a commendable increase in Year-over-Year Revenue by 22%, crossing the 1.5kk mark.
  • Strategic Partnerships: The referral mechanism with hotels in Chalkidiki proved to be a game-changer, bringing in a substantial number of new customers.

Skills Acquired/Enhanced:

  • Creating a B2C Service Related Funnel: Developed expertise in creating a funnel tailored for B2C services, ensuring a smooth journey for customers from awareness to booking.
  • Customer Handling: Enhanced skills in managing customer queries, feedback, and ensuring a top-notch booking experience.
  • Referral Mechanism Creation: Acquired proficiency in establishing and maintaining referral mechanisms, particularly with hotels, driving mutual benefits and increased bookings.


The collaboration between my team and Car Rental Company led to a significant uptick in bookings and revenue. The strategies implemented, from PPC optimization to establishing hotel partnerships, showcased the importance of digital marketing and strategic collaborations in the hospitality industry.

Note: All Customers names are available upon request.